This multi-talented DYNAMIC SPEAKER, STAND-UP COMIC, EMCEE, COMEDY WRITER, MUSICIAN AND SINGER provides a program of creative comedy.

As a Speaker,she offers the “Laughercise”stress reduction and stress management workshops. She de-stresses groups   with laughter, relaxation and audience participation programs.  She will help you DE-STRESS thru immediate, uplifting and creative comedy.  Joyce quickly relaxes the group using a series of breathing, vocalizing and comedy exercises.  She excels in audience participation, reducing the stress and tension that people experience.  Her approach is both informative and entertaining!  Joyce conducted comedy-writing seminars for such groups as, “The National League of American Penwomen” and “Association of Comedy Artists”.  She can show anyone how to be a Stand-Up comic.  (Start with a comfortable pair of shoes!) .  She will leave you with truly useful tips and exercises.  She can show organizations how to tastefully add humor to written and spoken presentations.  Joyce has written and performed, Roasts such as those done at the, “Friar’s” club in New York and the “Footlighters” club in Miami.

As a Stand-up Comic, Joyce writes and performs clean, topical, clever comedy including impersonations. She appeared in nearly every major resort, hotel, comedy club, cruise ship, and banquet facility in New York City, New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida.

As a Emcee, the “Corp. Jester” will quickly warm up the group including audience participation, introduce other speakers and provide a smooth transition from speaker to speaker.  Prior appearances include the, “Saturday Night live” and “Joe Franklin” television shows and the “Joey Adams Radio Show” etc.  Organizations and corporations find Joyce’s comedy performances effective at luncheons, dinners and meetings.

As a Comedy Writer, Joyce writes her own routines and custom original material incorporating you, your people, your industry, and your products or services.

As a Musician and Singer, Joyce plays live music to accompany her performance on a synthesizer keyboard, sounding like an entire orchestra.  She sings funny parodies to compliment her comedic performance.

As a Actress, and member of Screen Actors Guild Joyce has appeared in Movies, on television and radio, and did print work.  In addition to her dramatic acting skills, Joyce’s characters, dialects, voices and zany comedy are outstanding.

Custom Corporate Roasts that include live music are tastefully done to tickle the roastee and are highly successful at corporate functions.  I could go on….but you’d only laugh!


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